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Jesus is True Freedom

What is the truth? That’s the question our society often seeks and asks today.

As Jesus’ subject, we tend to the Truth and Jesus teaches us about His Kingdom in His Word. So as subjects of this King, how is our relationship with His Truth? Or why don’t we tend to the truth more passionately, more readily, more willingly?

And as we think more about it, there are two reasons why we don’t open our Bible and spend time with the Truth: lack of patience and lack of humility.

We operate in a day and age where we want to see immediate results and answers. And studying the Word of God and its Truth takes patience to sit for a while because He wants a relationship with us. He just doesn’t want to transfer information to us, rather He wants to transform us.

Humility is another thing. When we read the Bible, we can either be inspired or be corrected. And it takes a receptive heart to receive the correction and allow it to change us, or a habit, an attitude.

So take a minute to think about this: isn’t it interesting how the trial of Jesus before Pilate shows up in our situation today?

And as we think about our circumstances, how would we complete this: it appears that…?

With whatever is going on around the world, now more than ever, people need to know the Truth. As believers, we need to show that we are not suppressed, rather it is our time to stand up and show to the world that the Truth is in Jesus.

Those who are not part of the church don’t read and open their Bibles. They look at us and see our lives. So let it stand as testimonies of God’s goodness.

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