Samaritan Hope for Children


Samaritan Hope for Children is a charity organization arm of Christian Restoration Ministries International with operations in the UK and Uganda.  

SHC has since its inception, worked to improve the quality of lives of individuals through the provision of education, medical, community development initiatives, and special needs for communities of Bombo Town Council, Luwero, and Nakaseke Districts.

The organization is governed by a team of Trustees, many of whom are involved with the work of the Charity for many years. They work in partnership with the Ugandan team to provide strategic direction and oversight.

Organization Vision: To break the cycle of poverty and transform lives in vulnerable communities in Uganda 

Organization Mission: To empower, in a sustainable way, the next generations in our Ugandan communities through education, healthcare, vocational training, and rural development

Some of the projects under Samaritan Hope for Children include; 

  • Way of Salvation Nursery & Primary School
  • Hope Development Project
  • Habitat Project
  • Health Project
  • Social Welfare

Overall impact of Children of Hope Projects

  • Increase Literacy Levels
  • Improve Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Improve the Standard of Living
  • Reduce Mortality Rates
  • Reduce Poverty Rates