At CRM we always seek God for the right way to serve the people that God brings us into contact with. This in turn has led to special ministry sections being born, nurtured and growing healthily within Christian Restoration Ministries International.Here are some brief examples of everyday ministries and the achievements of sowing and planting such valuable resources in the community.
All the ministries come under the leadership of John & Sarah Bunjo and their colleagues, to be effective and to make a change in the lives of people, in Uganda and beyond.


Raising women of Beauty and understanding.

Abigail was was ounded in 2003 and led by Apostle Sarah Bunjo, Abigail ministries is the women’s outreach arm of CRMI, though it is legally registered as an entity.

Abigail ministries operate as an inter-denominational forum for women from all walks of life.

The vision of Abigail ministries is to empower women with Biblical information and practical skills that equip them to realize their full potential in the different roles they play in society.

The mission of Abigail Ministries is to employ every Godly means to enhance the lives of women.

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Bible School

A training division of Christian Restoration Ministries International.

Our Mandate: raising agents of change. “To get people moving from where they are to where they need to be”

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Children Of Hope

Breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering children through education, healthcare and vocational training.

CRMI’s pursues a holistic philosophy of ministering to the whole person, as is clearly taught in the Bible.

In 2004, apostle Bunjo initiated a sponsorship program to educate the most disadvantaged children. He began with educating a couple of children from his personal resources.

In 2006 god opened a door for an organized and structured sponsorship program when Mrs. Jane Sullivan volunteered to coordinate and direct the project in the UK. By the time she retired in 2014, Jane had built CRMI into a registered charity in the UK, with the primary role of raising sponsorships for OVCs in Uganda.ln 2014, there are over 200 children of hope project.

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Restoration Media

Media is the key outreach tool of CRMI. For more than 10 years, John and Sarah Bunjo have ministered to millions of Ugandans every week day, through their broadcasts on top FM radio.

The Bunjos also present their massage of restoration through books, audio tapes, DVDs, and CDs. Between them, the apostles have publishes 7 books and many more in the pipeline.

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Restoration Family Network

Over several years, numerous church leaders asked Apostle John Bunjo to be their spiritual father or mentor.

In his characteristic style of responding to requests and challenge, Apostle Bunjo took considerable time praying and seeking God over these requests.

Finally, he consented to spiritually father and mentors a few leaders in an informal way.

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Salvation Way Primary School

Salvation way primary school is a project of CRM located in Bombo on CRMI property. Two structures have been completed to house the pre-primary section of the school.

The vision of Apostle Bunjo is to make the school a top notch bastion of excellence, even the original target beneficiaries will be disadvantaged children.