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Way of Salvation Primary School

CRMI Uganda with the valued support of CRMI-UK established the Way of Salvation Primary School which has grown with an enrollment of about 255 pupils so far. It was noted that while at school, the pupils have access to a good education, hygienic practices, and a highly nutritious diet. 

The challenge remains that most pupils only eat meals while at school, considering the fact that the majority of them come from low-income families that live below £0.75 a day. The pupils come from different households in two’s, three’s and a few fours from the same home.

Way of Salvation Schools teaches in line with the Uganda National School Curriculum as guided by the National Curriculum Development Centre and Ministry of Education & Sports.

School Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: Raising Agents of Transformation

Mission Statement: Creating a Christ-centered learning environment where every child is empowered and equipped to transform their community.


  • Christ Centeredness
  • Servant Leadership
  • Sense of Community
  • Stewardship
  • Excellence

Motto: “We are agents of transformation”

School Objectives

The main objectives in setting up the schools include:

  1. To create a social-academic learning environment that reflects Christian values. 
  2. To create an environment where students are more confident, responsible, and accountable.
  3. To equip every child with all knowledge and skills necessary for them to fulfill their potential. 
  4. To develop a sense of ownership and love for the community.

School Curriculum 

Way of Salvation Primary School Curriculum emphasises literacy, numeracy, language development, values, attitudes, cross-cutting issues, and continuous assessment. The curriculum aims at enabling learners to acquire self-confidence and meet the demands of life.

The Uganda Primary School Curriculum is presented in three cycles, namely:

  • Lower Primary Curriculum
  • Transition Curriculum
  • Upper Primary Curriculum

In addition to the national standard curriculum, the school has adopted the phonics teaching method. Phonics is an innovative, new teaching method that correlates sounds with letters, providing children with a stronger literacy foundation that is central to academic achievement in all subjects. 

Way of Salvation Nursery & Primary School is also adopting the newly recommended Abridged Curriculum.

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