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Hope Development Project is one of the projects under Christian Restoration Ministries International (CRMI Uganda) established as a means to support social-economic development in the community. The main challenge affecting the Bombo community is the inability to raise good household incomes to meet basic needs (shelter, health, nutrition, clothing, and domestic items).

This project is located approximately 32 km north of Kampala city, in Bombo town council area, Luwero District, Central Uganda.

This project is located approximately 32 km north of Kampala city, in Bombo town council area, Luwero District, Central Uganda.

Hope Development Project upon consultative discussions with CRMI-UK, identified the need to empower the community with agricultural activities that would create a long sustainable impact in uplifting their livelihoods.

Farmers are first qualified through a graduation process as listed below:

Level 1: Improvement of household hygiene and sanitation

Level 2: Improvement of Food Security through diversification, homestead gardening, organic agriculture, conflict resolution, financial literacy,

Level 3:Construction of animal shelter    

Level 4: Placement of goat/pig with a constructed stable

Level 5: Participation in the village savings scheme

The project is initially supporting families whose pupils are currently enrolling at Way of Salvation School. The project plans to expand to the Sasasa-Lukole Village community in the near future.

Project Goal and Objectives

The project objectives are focused on restoring hope and developing a stronger community by empowering them with the required skill to free themselves from poverty and hunger through life skills training, organic farming, and livestock management (sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry). Training events have to be attended by at least two people from each member household.

Specific objectives:

  • Reach at least 3 farmer groups (on Average 40 members each) by 2022
  • Provide livestock (goats & pigs) to farmers
  • Promote agri-nutrition in households at Sasasa-Lukole village
  • Offer extension services to promote good agronomic practices & techniques
  • Promote hygiene and sanitation
  • Establish a village saving scheme to create financial inclusion in the community
  • Cooperate with local government National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS)office in Luwero district

Project Outcomes/Results

Overall, Hope Development Project aims to create change by supporting the Sasasa-Lukole Village community, to achieve improved food security, household nutrition, and income, through the sale of farm products; better family and gender relations; environmental management and land use; reduced social stigma, improved self-esteem, value, and respect.

Project activities

Under the Hope for Development Project, members of the community engage in collective activities like the Village savings scheme, Life Skills Training, Bulked Marketing, Extension services (crops & livestock), Field Coordination, among others. 

For more information about the project, down a copy of the project profile and its content here