For many years now, the Lord has been urging Apostle Bunjo to revisit the spiritual foundations that were laid in this country by the fore fathers of our faith: those man and women who first received and lived and preached the gospel. 

Today’s Church seems to be very far removed from those foundations, and we can all see the terrible results we reaping. The Lord has been talking about re-digging the wells of revival.


  • To create a spiritual environment in which leaders can have fresh encounters with the Lord as they start the new year, away from the routines and environs of their churches and ministries
  • To provide a forum through which leaders can fellowship, network and minister to one another
  • To encourage, comfort, restore and revitalize leaders who may be low in spirit

Accommodation and Meals

Participants will be provided with mattresses, but each has to bring own blanket, bed sheets and other personal effects like toothpaste, soap, etc. Meals will be provided to all participants.