Transforming lives and Raising agents of Change...Isaiah 58:12

Christian restoration Ministries International was birthed in 1998, in obedience to a direction that God gave Apostle John Bunjo. After 15 years of conventional pastoral ministry, the lord instructed John to start apostolic ministry with the mandate to restore the church back to her to biblical foundations. 

This mandate is based on Isaiah 58:12 and your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; we shall rise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called repairer of the branch, the restorer of the streets to dwell in. 

Over the last 16 years, Apostle John and Sarah Bunjo have labored to fulfill this divine assignment by reaching out to the body of Christ with the message of restoration, in and outside Uganda.

Sarah and I are deeply grateful to the staff, partners, well-wishers and friend of CRMI who have stood with us through the years. Your hard work, prayers and giving have been powerful instruments that God has used to accomplish his purposes through CRMI. We pray that the lord, who promised never to forget your labor of love, will himself reward you. 

As you have been a blessing to CRMI, so may the lord lift his countenance upon you and bless your spiritual lives, your physical lives, your finances, your families, your jobs and bring to pass your dreams.

Restoration Media

Media is the key outreach tool of CRMI. For more than 10 years, John and Sarah Bunjo have ministered to millions of Ugandans every week day, through their broadcasts on top FM radio. Scores of testimonies have been recorded of people receiving help from the broadcasts.

The Bunjos also present their massage of restoration through books, audio tapes, DVDs, and CDs. Between them, the apostles have publishes 7 books and many more in the pipeline. Read more...

Restoration Family Network

Over several years, numerous church leaders asked  Apostle John Bunjo to be their spiritual father or mentor. In his characteristic style of responding to requests and challenge, Apostle Bunjo took considerable time praying and seeking God over these requests. 

Every month, Apostle Bunjo gathers with his spiritual sons and daughters for a time impartation and fellowship. 


Missions Hosting

 The missions program of CRMI involves hosting Christians from other nations on short-term missions in Uganda. 

Over the last 30 years, Uganda has experienced a remarkable revival that has resulted into the number of born again Christians rising from a few tens of thousands in 1980 to the current between 6 and 8 million and number of churches jumped from hundreds to the current over 50,000. Read more...


Women have a very big role to play in shaping a nation.
A number of women have the ability to do so but lack the skills, empowerment and motivation to attain their full potential and contribute to positive change in the society thus live a balanced life.

The best a woman can have is a peaceful and happy marriage and this is the key message that comes through Abigail Women�s Ministry preaching. The message that Abigail Women�s Ministry has been giving to all women is �raising women of beauty and understanding�.
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